Website Posting, Email, and Financial Assistance Guidelines 

I. Postings on Yale Club Website and Requests for Email Circulations

The Yale Club of Washington, D.C. is frequently asked to post or distribute non-Club originated materials via our website and its related social media or to circulate emails using our email database. 

The Club’s Board of Directors recognizes the value of our Club’s website and database as a portal for communication and information with, and among, our fellow alumni. However, the Board also respects the desire of our members and regional alumni to be free from intrusive notifications and solicitations that are not directly related to our Club’s mission or their general Yale-related interests.

Therefore, to respond fairly and adequately to these non-financial requests in a uniform manner, the Board has instituted the following general posting and email notification guidelines (the “Guidelines”). Any request for a posting on our website or social media or a general email notification must, in the sole discretion of the Board and/or Executive Director:

 • support, and be closely associated with, our Club’s mission stated on our website and comply with/not violate our 501(c)(3) status requirements

 • provide our Club members and/or regional alumni with information about programs/activities/opportunities originated, co-sponsored, or hosted by our Club, a Yale-recognized shared interest group (SIG), another college’s alumni organization, or a non-profit organization that the Board feels will be of general interest to Club members and/or our regional alumni

 • provide our Club members and/or regional alumni with resources or commercial opportunities determined by the Board and/or Executive Director to be beneficial to them and otherwise unavailable without the Club’s involvement

 • serve as a vehicle for appropriate communication and feedback from the Yale community in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area

 • allow for least one month’s prior notice to our Club’s members and/or regional alumni

Absent a special determination by the Board, commercial ventures that do not meet the foregoing Guidelines or events involving individual self-promotion or businesses will not be listed on our Club’s website or social media or distributed via our email database. 

II. Policy for Financial Requests

The Club also receives requests from Yale-related individuals or Yale-related organizations such as SIGs for financial support for their respective events or other activities. Except in very rare circumstances, the Club does not provide financial support upon request from Yale alumni or Yale-related organizations (such as SIGs) for their respective Yale-related events or activities. 

III. Guideline Exceptions

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Board realizes that a request may involve unusual or unique circumstances. Consequently, the Board reserves the right, on a case-by-case basis, to make exceptions to the foregoing Guidelines, including, but not limited to, the Club’s: 

(a) posting an event or circulate an email which may appeal only to some of our members or regional alumni;

(b) not posting any information or circulate any email which, although meeting our Guidelines, is determined by our Board and/or Executive Director to be libelous, defamatory, misleading, obscene or otherwise unlawful or detrimental to our Club’s reputation; and or

(c) providing very modest, limited financial support for a Yale-related event or other activity that otherwise meets our Guidelines.

The Board also reserves the right to amend these Guidelines from time to time.

IV. Requesting Information Be Posted the Club’s Website or Other Social Media or Emails to be Circulated to Members or Regional Alumni

When requesting our Club to add content to our website or social media or to circulate an email notification that meets the above Guidelines, it is the further responsibility of the requesting individual to adhere to and be aware of the following website protocol:

A. General Content

1. Links to Outside Websites - 
Links to non-Club websites are allowed as long as those sites are consistent with the Guidelines.

2. Copyrighted Text
 - No copyrighted text or images may be used without proper permissions and citations.

3. Contact Information
 - Please be aware that if you create hyperlinks to your email address, you risk computer spiders and robots harvesting your email address and creating SPAM.

B. Requesting A Posting to the Club’s Website or Social Media or an Email Notification

When requesting a posting to the Club’s website or social media it is the responsibility of the individual making the request to ensure that all elements of the Club’s website protocols have been followed:

1. All requests for the Club’s posting of content to our website or circulating an email must be made:

                       (a) using our web posting or email request form attached hereto

                       (b) at least one month prior to the proposed event 

2. All content must be free of copyrighted material or contain the proper permissions and citations.

3. Remember- when submitting photos or videos, be sure that the items have met the below requirements for Posting Photos/Videos above. 

C. Images and/or Information

1. Posting of Photos/Videos taken in A Public Setting

If your photos/video are of adult persons taken at public event, the Board will consider, in our sole discretion, whether to post them. However, postings of underage individuals may only be posted with prior written parental consent. A public event is defined as any event to which the general public was invited.

2. Posting Of Photos/Video and Information Taken In A Private Setting

Posting of photos/video in a private setting is only permitted in accordance with the preceding guidelines and such usage is for non- commercial and non-fundraising purposes.

3. Posting of Names And Photos/Videos

Posting of a person’s name along with the person’s photo/video may only be permitted by the Board where such identification is intrinsic to the posting, for example, an article about that particular person’s achievement. 

4.  Objection Filed

If an objection has been filed with the Club with respect to the posting of a photo/video, the Board will cause such photo/video to be removed as promptly as possible. All records of objections must be filed in writing with the Club \

Procedure for Requesting Web Posting, Email, or Financial Assistance 

In order to expedite the process, please provide the information listed in this form when submitting a request to the Club to post an event to our website or other social media or to circulate an email to our membership and/or regional alumni. Please be as specific as possible and be sure that your request meets our website protocol, including that it be received at least one month prior to your event. 

1. Your Name

2. Your relationship to Yale (or to another organization such as another Ivy League alumni club or non-profit organization)

3. Your telephone number and email address (and any other relevant contact information)

4. Your organization’s name (if applicable)

5. Description of your proposed event, posting, email notification, and, if applicable, the amount of financial support that you are requesting and why the Club should grant your request

6. The URL (Web Address) of the proposed event’s page

7. PDFs of any attachments related to your proposed event or email

8. Other information, e.g. the date by which this event should be posted on our website or by which your email should be circulated