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ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Donald Clagett ’65 PhD


Donald Clagett is a chemist who has had the opportunity to apply that technical training in a wide variety of occupations.  Today he is employed by the US State Department to provide technical input for the Arms Control, Verification and Compliance Bureau that monitors multilateral weapons reduction treaties to which the US is a party.  Prior to that he worked at the OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, located in The Hague) where he managed the Industry Verification Branch, which was responsible for planning and following up the verification of the declarations of chemical facilities in OPCW Member States subject to the Chemical Weapons Convention.


His diplomatic work is informed by experience in the chemical industry - first at W.R. Grace and later at GE Plastics.  Initially his work at both companies focused on chemical product and process development.  But after Bhopal in 1984 Don was assigned to look closely at GE’s chemical operations eventually serving as world-wide Global Risk Manager for GE Plastics plants.  He also served as GE’s representative to the Chemical Manufacturers Association committee providing the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency and the US Senate with industry’s input into the negotiations leading to the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), the treaty implemented by the OPCW.  


Prior to his industrial work Don was an Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry at Northeastern University in Boston. 


Don believes that Yale not only prepared him for his science-based career, but helped him develop into “a more civilized human being.  At Yale my academic focus was on doctoral studies and research in chemistry.  At the same time Yale gave me much more.  Yale’s academic universe allowed me to meet, learn from and participate with students, faculty and visitors in areas ranging from music, art and architecture to the finer points of Japanese-American policies after the Meiji restoration.”



Founded in 1874, the goals of the Yale Club of Washington, D.C. are: 

  • To promote the welfare and influence of Yale University, and its tradition of service in private and governmental spheres of activity.

  • To bring a knowledge of Yale to potential college students in the greater Washington area, assist the University in selecting those to be admitted from the area, and to assist students by providing a financial scholarship program. 
  • To provide Yale alumni in the Washington metropolitan area with a variety of programs and with opportunities to meet together to reconnect and support the Club.
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Community Service Summer Fellowship Program 



Each summer, the Yale Club of Washington places outstanding Yale undergraduates in internships with local non-profits. The Club provides the stipend and arranges housing. 


To donate to this important program, a centerpiece of the Club's programming, please click HERE


All proceeds go to support the work of the Alexandria Seaport Foundation, the Pro Bono Institute, and Iona Senior Services -- the organizations to be supported in summer 2014.




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