2021 Summer Mentorship Program

The Yale Club of Washington, DC invites DC area alumni to participate in the 2021 Summer Mentorship Program for Alumni-to-Alumni (A2A)!  From early June through Labor Day, mentors and mentees will meet periodically, enabling the former to impart valuable professional guidance to Yale alumni mentees.  Mentees will invite mentors to join them for the summer program, and mentees and mentors will decide together how frequently they will meet, what their goals are for the summer mentorship, etc.

Key Dates

Now through June 2ndMentor “Shopping Period.”  This is the time for prospective mentees to “shop” for a good mentor match from among the volunteers identifiable via Cross Campus, LinkedIn, or other available networks.        

Thursday, June 3rd – Mentorship Kickoff with a virtual seminar on Mentorship Best Practices featuring guest speaker Victor Padilla Taylor.  Mentees and Mentors are invited to learn all about mentorship best practices and tips for their summer mentorships. Click here to learn more and register!

Friday, June 4th through Monday, September 6th – Periodic one-on-one mentorship sessions between mentees and mentors.  The pairs will decide the frequency, goals, and format of these sessions.  Be sure to register for and attend the June 3rd session for tips! The Yale Club of Washington, DC will periodically check in with mentorship pairs to see how things are going. 

Tuesday, September 7th – Summer Mentorship Program Wrap Up! Join fellow mentorship pairs to share about mentorship experiences and lessons learned, as well as brainstorm for the next steps in professional networking event planning.  The mentorship program formally ends at the end of summer.

Would You Like to be a Mentee?

  1. Use Cross Campus, LinkedIn, or other networks available to you, to find potential mentors.  Guidance for doing this is included in the Cross Campus session recording.  If you would like assistance finding a mentor, feel free to reach out to Yvette Rivers.  The target deadline for finding a mentor is Wednesday, June 2nd, because on the following evening, Thursday, June 3rd, we are having our Mentorship Best Practices event and hoping to have mentor/mentee pairs join us for that event.

  2. Let us know when you find a mentor!  Complete this short form when you find a mentor so we can help support your mentorship efforts over the summer.

  3.  Bring your mentor to the June 3rd Mentorship Best Practices event! Click here to register and ask your mentor to register as well.  If you don’t have a mentor before the event and still want one, no worries! Still attend the event, and we’ll work with you separately to find a mentor soon.  At the June 3rd event, you’ll receive more guidance about how to work with your mentor to create a plan for the summer.

Would You Like to be a Mentor?

  1. If you were unable to attend the May 11th Cross Campus Demo event, please watch it here.

  2. If you have not yet signed up and completed your profile on Cross Campus, please do so as soon as possible and be sure to check “Mentorship” in the topics you’d like to help with. If you have a LinkedIn profile, you can sync up your Cross Campus profile to automatically import your LinkedIn info!

  3.  That’s it for now! Depending on who is looking for a mentor at this time, your experience may or may not be a good match for a mentorship for this summer program but will be available for future needs.  Keep an eye out on Cross Campus to see if a mentee reaches out to you. 

Questions? Reach out to Yvette Rivers.

Thank you!

Yvette Soliz Rivers, Federico Galizia, and Carlos Reyes López