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 Matthew J. Dolan

Yale affiliation (with year) Yale College Class of 1982; parent, Yale College Classes of 2013 and 2020
What I did while I was at Yale (e.g., Yale Daily News, crew team, children’s theatre, etc.) Varsity Football (member of 1979, 1980, and 1981 Ivy champions); tutor to center city students; freshman counselor.
Why I Serve (2-5 sentences) Yale has permitted me and others in my family to gain a world-class education, develop wonderful friendships, and create cherished memories.  In gratitude, I want to help Yale do the same for others.

Brief bio (4-6 sentences)

Matt Dolan has served the Yale Club in various capacities:  including as president (during two different periods), program committee chairman, Alumni Schools Committee chair and co-chair, AYA delegate, and organizer for the Club’s annual Congressional Forum.  Matt currently is president of The Global Teaching Project, an initiative to provide a platform for great teachers from around the world to provide high quality instruction to learners everywhere, with an initial focus on secondary school subject matter.  Previously, Matt, a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law, practiced at major law firms in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Texas, was a director with a Washington-based consulting firm, and served as a staff counsel in the U.S. Senate.  Matt and his wife, MaryEllen, have four children and live in Maryland.

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