Why We Serve ?


Full name





Jonathan C. Rose
Yale affiliation (with year) Yale College 1963
What I did while I was at Yale (e.g., Yale Daily News, crew team, children’s theatre, etc.)

At Yale I was a History major and my primary extracurricular activity was the Yale Daily News of which I became the Chairman in the latter half of my junior and first half of my senior years.



Why I Serve (2-5 sentences)

Since graduation I have maintained an active interest in Yale serving continuously on the class council for my class, once as a reunion chair, a term on the AYA board of governors. I have also edited our class reunion year books. More recently I have been a part of numerous trips of the Yale Alumni Global Leadership Exchange and have seen the positive role played by local Yale clubs in communities around the country.

Brief bio (4-6 sentences)

After graduating from the Harvard Law School, I clerked for the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, and served in several staff positions at the White House and the Justice Department .I also served in the Reagan administration as an Assistant Attorney General from  1983-5.

I retired in 2015 after thirty years of practice with Jones Day and three years as secretary of the Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure of the Federal Courts.





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