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Anant Premanand Raut




Yale affiliation (with year) Pierson College 1996 
What I did while I was at Yale (e.g., Yale Daily News, crew team, children’s theatre, etc.)

Pierson Scribe, Yale Daily News (photo editor and humor columnist), Yale College Council, Pierson College Council, Yale Triathlon club team, Children’s Dramat.


Why I Serve (2-5 sentences)


“What need is there for alumni associations in the age of LinkedIn, Facebook, and social media?”  It’s the existential question facing all alumni clubs, and literally the first question I asked at my first Yale Club of DC board meeting.  The answer, I believe, is the opportunity to forge lasting relationships with fellow local alums across all class years, something that can’t be replicated online.  To that end, I launched the Yale Club of DC’s networking program, and initiated bimonthly dinners bringing together alums from the past 7 decades.  Remember that wonderful experience of sitting down with someone new in the dining hall, and marveling years later at your lifelong friendship?  It’s that experience that I want to re-create for all of us here in D.C. 

Brief bio (4-6 sentences)

After graduating, Anant spent two years as a healthcare consultant, before heading to Harvard Law School.  After HLS, Anant worked on the only campaign that Pierson graduate fellow Cory Booker ever lost, although he did end up in an Oscar-nominated documentary about the campaign (which also lost – to a bunch of penguins).  Anant is currently a member of the Obama administration, where he serves as Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General in the Department of Justice, as well as a policy advisor to the Office of the Vice President and the National Economic Council.  He was recently asked to join the President’s Economic Leadership working group.  Prior to joining the Administration, Anant worked in the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives, where, as Counsel to the House Judiciary Committee, he helped author the Affordable Care Act and Dodd-Frank.  Anant previously worked at an international law firm, where his pro bono case was four years of representing terror suspects held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. 






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